Orange is the New Black: S3

orange is the new black s3Reel Charlie reviews a  lot of television. So I’m thrilled to finally review a season of TV for Reel Charlie’s 30 Days of Gay Films – Pride Month 2015. From the very first episode I have loved Orange is the New Black. It’s smart, sophisticated, complicated, messy, hard to peg, educational, heart-breaking, and funny as hell. It’s also the best representation in the media of the kaleidoscope of female sexuality. Season 3 continues creator Jenji Kohan’s level of excellence. S3 may be slightly quieter, but in the end you are elevated to a higher level of consciousness about the characters who inhabit and run the prison. There’s an overarching theme of spirituality in this season. Some of it is traditional, most of it is sophisticated and risk-taking. Norma’s back story and plot are a perfect example of this along with Leanne’s remarkable story. There’s also room in the quiet to sit back and look at the bigger picture. A corporation comes along and buys out Litchfield. And so we begin to understand what it means to live in our world today overrun by corporate greed and profit from the perspective of people who are already in prison. The food gets worse, the healthcare gets worse. For the guards, their entire livelihoods are at risk. No one is safe from the godless machine. The corporation stands polar opposite to a longing in many of the inmates for spiritual connection in this world. And so it continues. Favorite moments of Season 3 include the Mother’s Day celebration focusing on a different aspect of female sexuality, the tragic end to the day, Daya’s pregnancy, Aleida’s plot to get Pornstache’s mother to adopt the baby, Bennett’s back story and departure, Caputo and Figueroa’s nasty motel sex, Nicky’s sad departure, Suzanne’s new-found vocation, the new work detail which solidifies the amoral nature of the corporation, the kosher meals, Cindy becomes Tova, Judy King’s trial which acts as a long tease to Blair Brown at Litchfield in Season 4, Stella’s appearance, Lorna’s scam which makes her wildest dream come true, Sophia and Gloria sharing problem children, Sophia’s battle with transphobia, Lolly’s kooky appearance, Piper’s entrepreneurship, Flaca’s back story, Brook and Poussey,  Tiffany and Boo, Suzanne’s sexuality, Birdie’s positive influence, and the final episode with Caesar’s arrest, Brook’s mistake, Stella’s betrayal, Piper’s revenge, Norma and Leanne’s split, Alex’s confrontation, and finally the girls get a day at the beach. Magical, provocative, risk-taking, honest, Orange is the New Black takes you there. 5 out of 5.


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