Why I’m Skipping Magic Mike XXL

Sharing this Honest Trailer for Magic Mike. Clips from the first movie, Magic Mike which I hated, but is still relevant as the sequel premieres this weekend:

When I say hated, I simply mean if Hollywood wanted to make a serious film about male strippers they could have explored male body image, self-sexual male muscle obsession (being more turned on by your own body than anyone else’s), income disparity in our culture, get rich quick mentality, homophobia through the eyes of straight men, non-sexual male intimacy in American culture, gay for pay, objectification of bodies, etc. If they wanted to make a light, fun movie, they should have done that without the ridiculous redemption theme with the boring girl in the end. Why not have Mike fall for a woman who not only supports his decision to strip and have fun but becomes his business manager and gets him into porn?  Now that’s the movie I’d like to see.

Or skip the Hollywood sequel and go directly to Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Porn parody (YouTube trailer below). Thank you porn industry for pointing out that a movie about sex without sex is absurd:

Read Reel Charlie’s review of Magic Mike.


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