Reader’s Poll: The 50 Most Important LGBT Television Series (/bent)


From Indiewire’s /bent queer blog comes their reader’s poll for the 50 most important LGBT television series. Some favorites from the list include,

1) Queer as Folk (both versions)
2) Angels in America
4) Six Feet Under
6) The L Word
9) Looking
11) Orange is the New Black
12) My So-Called Life
13) Transparent
15) Tales of the City (all three adaptations)
18) Glee
19) The Normal Heart
20) The Fosters
29) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
31) True Blood
33) Ugly Betty
36) Sex and the City
40) The Wire
48) The Outs

At first I was angry The Outs came in so low, but considering most people still don’t know what a web series is, I guess it’s cool one made the list. Tales of the City should have been higher and The L Word should have been much higher and not tying with Roseanne. Transparent should have also been higher.

View the entire list on /bent.


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