The Towering Inferno

towering infernoIrwin Allen was the bomb in the 1970’s. He was the go-to producer in Hollywood for disaster films and Sci-Fi television shows.  In 1972, he produced his greatest camp classic, The Poseidon Adventure. Two years later he followed up with The Towering Inferno based on two novels. Packed with a huge star-studded cast including Paul Newman, Faye Dunaway, Steve McQueen, Robert Wagner, Susan Blakeley, and Richard Chamberlain, The Towering Inferno just doesn’t live up to the hype of Allen’s previous projects. The film run time is 2:45. The entire first hour is set-up. I realize in 2015 we consume films faster, but even I had trouble staying interested in a film about a disaster when the first 60 minutes were set-up. In the end, I’m thrilled I revisited The Poseidon Adventure. The Towering Inferno was a dud. 2 out of 5. Next.


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