Rectify: S2

rectify s2Rectify continues to slay. Season 2 follows the awkward and heartbreaking re-entry into life for Daniel Holden after 20 years on death row. Rectify is one of those shows like Transparent where you immediately know the characters. No one blends in, every character is unique. Everyone is such an odd combination of strong and fragile. Such a cerebral show. The tension is in nuance – what is not said most of the time is more important than what is said. Aden Young sets the bar and the tone for the series as Daniel. Quiet, purposeful, he plays Daniel like a Buddhist monk walking through Times Square. He is everything and more you could imagine. Abigail Spencer rocks a powerhouse performance as Amantha, Daniel’s younger sister who’s spent her entire life working to get him exonerated. The supporting cast is just as strong featuring J. Smith-Cameron as Daniel’s Mom Janet, Adelaide Clemens as Daniel and Amantha’s sister in-law Tawney, Clayne Crawford as Teddy, Daniel’s step-brother, Luke Kirby as Daniel’s lawyer Jon, Bruce McKinnon as Ted Sr., Daniel’s step-father, and Jake Austin Walker as Daniel and Amantha’s half-brother Jared. Adelaide Clemons’ performance as the uber-religious Tawny turns out one of the most complex and fascinating character studies I’ve seen on a television series in years. I can’t take my eyes off her in every scene she’s in. She and Spencer’s Amantha represent the female polar opposites in Daniel’s world – Amantha the protector, Tawny the introvert.  Rectify is serious drama – dubbed by many critics as modern Southern Gothic. The atmosphere is intense. This isn’t a simple, silly series. Quite the opposite. But for those of you out there who want quality, serious, heartbreaking, honest drama, Rectify rises to the top. 5 out of 5 for the second season of this captivating American television series.


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