Gay Iconography: Celebrating the Films Of Barbra Streisand (Towleroad)

Towleroad continues their Gay Iconography series adding Barbra Streisand’s filmography and the reasons why she fit so easily into the Gay Icon status early in her career. From Towleroad,

What endeared her to the gay community? Streisand biographer William J. Mann had some thoughts for Out Magazine in 2012:

“Well, it is hard to say exactly. I interviewed so many of the guys who would go to those early shows at the Lion or the Bon Soir, and what I got was there was this sense that she was an outsider, because of her looks, because of her strong Jewish identity, trying to make it in an elegant white bread world. And she seemed to know about heartbreak, even thought at that point she really hadn’t had her heart-broken in the early days, with Barry she certainly did. And they always kind of rooted for the underdog.

Certainly Funny Girl was a triumph and revisiting it years later confirms Streisand’s unique and massive talent. But for me and most friends specifically in my narrow age range, A Star is Born really was the Streisand film we worshiped. My friend Nina and I recently discovered we both owned the soundtrack and had every song memorized. We were high school students obsessed with the love affair between Barbra and  Kris Kristofferson’s characters. The fact that the remake was fated to end tragically made it even more appealing to our tender teenage hearts. I also adore Barbra’s comedy films, specifically What’s Up Doc? and Nuts.

I recently revisited Streisand’s canon of music thanks to the invention of Spotify during early morning dog walks. I forgot how pristinely perfect her voice is and how so many of her recordings are timeless, classic, and elegant.

Read the full article on Towleroad.
Listen to Barbra’s perfect cover of One Less Bell to Answer and A House is Not a Home from Burt Bacharach’s 1971 television special:


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