This Explosive Reaction to a Gay Couple Sitting Together in Kiev, Ukraine Will Leave You Speechless: WATCH (Towleroad))

From Towleroad,

Earlier this month, we showed you dramatic footage of a social experiment in which two men held hands and walked through the streets of Moscow, Russia to gauge the public’s attitudes towards homosexuality. Reactions to the stunt couple ranged from not even noticing to uncomfortable glances to verbal and even physical abuse.

After the video went viral, Bird in Flight, an online magazine dedicated to visual culture, decided to recreate the experiment in neighboring Ukraine. Like in Russia and many other Eastern European countries, homosexuality is viewed as a social taboo in the Ukraine and gays are frequent targets of right-wing extremist groups. Back in June, the country’s second gay pride rally in the capital of Kiev turned violent after several dozen neo-Nazi assailants attacked attendees and police.

Reactions to real-life couple Tymur and Zoryan walking the streets of Kiev holding hands were mostly muted, and many bystanders seemed more amused than upset. That wasn’t the case however when Tymur decided to sit on Zoryan’s lap in a popular city park. The two were approached by a dozen or so neo-Nazis things quickly escalated.

As uncomfortable as it may be to watch footage like this, it’s important and easy to digest given the short format on YouTube. Activists who put their lives at risk are trail blazers and deserve praise and admiration. I’m sickened we continue to live in a world full of hatred and violence. Thank you to Bird in Flight for creating this important work.

Read the full article on Towleroad.
Watch the less than 4-minute video on YouTube.


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