The Good Wife: S6

good wife s6Cook County’s favorite legal eagles bring home a sixth season of intelligent writing splashed with a healthy dash of melodrama which makes The Good Wife my favorite guilty pleasure. Amazon Prime started streaming season six recently so we were able to catch up mini-binging one episode a night for a few weeks. I should actually call The Good Wife my favorite pleasure since the quality of the show makes there no reason to feel guilty enjoying it. Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Florek continues her lessons in walking the fine line between truth and deception, justice and well, winning. Season 6 finds Alicia running for State’s Attorney, the position we watched her semi-estranged open-marriage husband Peter leave in the first season when he was sent to prison. Peter not only got out of prison, but regained his SA’s position only to move on to Governor. It’s fascinating watching Alicia attempt to balance her need to prosper both vocationally and financially while balancing her ego and thirst for power. She learned from the best after all. Love love love the cast including Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls), Archie Panjabi (bisexual don’t fuck with me Kalinda), Graham Phillips (missing most of this season), Makenzie Vega (maturing perfectly), Alan Cumming (nominated for an Emmy!), Matthew Goode (always dreamy), Zach Grenier (nastier than ever), Christine Baranski (always perfect), Chris Noth (always slimy), Sarah Steele (playing Cumming’s daughter beautifully), Mike Colter (icy smooth), and David Hyde Pierce (the do-gooder). Seriously topical plots meld with juicy office politics. Nearly every episode someone gets backstabbed while someone else loses a little more of their morality. Have to love this modern-day lawyer show on steriods. 4 out of 5 for the always reliable The Good Wife.


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