Twilight: Los Angeles (Anna Devere Smith)

caption: Anna Deavere Smith stars as Dr. Letty Jordan in PRESIDIO MED, a new medical drama about a team of hard-working physicians who run a tight-knit medical group in San Francisco.  copyright: Photo: David Rose/CBS ©2002 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Right Reserved.

caption: Anna Deavere Smith Photo: David Rose/CBS ©2002 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Right Reserved.

Had the extreme pleasure of watching an encore presentation of Anna Deavere Smith’s (The West Wing, Nurse Jackie) 2001 performance piece, Twilight: Los Angeles last night on the PBS app of my Roku player. If you don’t have a streaming device on your television, you can stream Twilight through Great Performances on the PBS website. From PBS,

On the 23rd anniversary of the LA riots, Great Performances presents a special encore of Anna Deavere Smith’s Twilight: Los Angeles, a riveting theatrical account of the 1992 riots from multiple points of view, which continues to reverberate powerfully within the context of today’s current events. It originally aired on PBS in 2001 and is now available on PBS online for the first time.

Any of  you who have been following the Ferguson and other racial injustice stories this year should check out this outstanding one-woman performance in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. I’ve just put seeing Ms. Smith live in person on my bucket list.

Watch the performance of Twilight: Los Angeles on PBS.


2 Responses to “Twilight: Los Angeles (Anna Devere Smith)”

  1. m.a. wood Says:

    she is a fabulous character actor. thanks for the review. all should view.


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