The Guest

guestCreepy fun and an 80’s nod, B movie The Guest gets a grade bolster from an outstanding performance by Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey). Gone is the chubby-cheeked 20th Century Matthew Crowley. This Dan Stevens is a lean, mean, sexy, psychotic fighting machine. The plot is ridiculous – something about a military experiment gone wrong. But Stevens’ nuanced performance as the quiet friend of a dead military man who visits his buddy’s family is spot on. From Stevens’ cool demeanor, to his killer body to that perfect Southern accent, you’ll be terrified throughout. I barely recognized the Brit in this film. It takes a great actor to make a B movie worth watching. Dan raises the bar of this film at every turn. I love watching movies like this. Funny, ridiculous, scary, and did I say funny? 3.5 for this silly crazy slasher fest.


3 Responses to “The Guest”

  1. gracelynn67 Says:

    Watched it tonight and really enjoyed it! Loved your review, PB!!!


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