Deep Impact

deep impactAs disaster movies go, 1998’s Deep Impact fares pretty well. It’s not spectacular. It’s got lots of scientific holes in it. But it did predict a Black President 10 years before President Obama was elected in 2008. And it’s fun and has enough decent elements to keep you humming for two hours. Vanessa Redgrave is lost from too small a role, Robert Duvall is perfect yet underutilized as well, Tea Leoni is in over her head, Elijah Wood is just a baby in this one. The fun is anticipating the disaster which isn’t as grand as we’d hope. Yes, cities are destroyed, buildings washed away, but the overall feeling is of hope. Nice job. Kudos to director Mimi Leder for showing that woman can produce big Hollywood films just as easily as men. If you like this genre, you’ll enjoy this film. If not, probably best to skip it. 3 out of 5 for Deep Impact.


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