The Exit Interview With Looking Creator Michael Lannan (Advocate)

michael lannan 2015Looking creator Michael Lannan looks back at what made his show so personal and answers questions about the cancellation and final film wrap-up set to air Spring ’16. From the Advocate,

The out creator of HBO’s polarizing drama about gay life tells us how he handled the show’s criticism and cancellation, discusses the future of LGBT TV, and updates us on the Looking movie.

Some snickered, others sniffled when they heard the news in March that Looking, the HBO series about gay friends in San Francisco, would not live to see a third season. The show was beautiful, boring, honest, or rudderless depending on who you asked. But as one of the only shows to center exclusively on gay lives, its absence will certainly leave a void. The positive news: HBO did consent to a film that will give us a few more hours with Patrick, Richie, Dom, Agustin, and Doris. In a frank conversation, the show’s creator and frequent writer, Michael Lannan, spoke about the movie and posited what the show’s cancellation means for the future of gays in television.

Read the full interview at the Advocate.
heck out Reel Charlie rave reviews of Looking S1 and S2.


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