On Draper Shreeve’s Lovely ‘Queer City,’ a Mosaic of Urban LGBTQ Life (/bent)

queer city

Very excited to see Draper Shreeve’s new documentary Queer City on LGBTQ life in contemporary NYC. I was fortunate enough to see some raw footage one night at our mutual friends Mark and Neil’s home. I still remember how beautiful and captivating the images were. Now after reading the Indiewire review, I’m very excited to see Draper’s film. From /bent,

Draper Shreeve’s lovely “Queer City,” will screen at Reel Affirmations August 29 at 1:00 pm at Gala Hispanic/Tivoli Theatre 3333 14th Street NW in Washington, DC. The documentary introduces a handful of LGBTQ New Yorkers to provide an affecting mosaic of urban queer life. Shreve is not trying to be comprehensive here, but his film is representational of different ages, races, orientations, and identities.

Read the entire article at /bent on Indiewire.
Explore Queer City‘s website.
Check out filmmaker Draper Shreeve.


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