These LGBT Book Characters Were Turned Straight for the Movie Version

From Oscar Raymundo’s site, Confessions of a Boy Toy comments on a Mental Floss article,

Now we know why it’s rare to see LGBT characters on the big screen. Most of the time a film is adapted from a book featuring queer characters or same-sex scenarios, the screenwriters turn the characters straight and those homo moments get completely erased. There is such thing as creative liberty, sure, but then there’s total bullshit.

Mental Floss magazine has put together a list of popular movies that changed the original book character’s sexual orientation. It’s surprising to see that despite the changes some films on the list still went on to become queer classics, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

The truth of the matter is that literature has always had a more insightful take on gender and homosexuality than the movies. So if you want to see more LGBT characters portrayed faithfully, don’t toss away your library card. Or simply picture Ben-Hur riding more than just a chariot next time that film comes on Turner Classic Movies.

Read the entire article to see which characters Raymundo focused on. Did he forget any? Which one is your favorite? Or better still, which one was your greatest disappointment?
Read the original Mental Floss article.

Ruth & Idgie, Fried Green Tomatoes

Ruth & Idgie, Fried Green Tomatoes



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