Television Series Finales

Slashfilm compiled statistics from IMDb ratings which if you’ve ever read IMDb’s threads I shudder a bit at the prospect of accessing any of their user data. But this is still a fun look at a modest list of television series and the impact their series’ finale had. Missing is Queer as Folk and many others. I’m posting this specifically because Six Feet Under ranked #2, just under Breaking Bad for highest rated series finale. I’m partial to Six Feet Under. I believe it continues to be the best series finale in television history. If you are a fan of the series, consider grabbing a few tissues and re-watching the final six minutes with Clare. If you’ve never seen Six Feet Under, please start with episode 1.

See all the stats on Slashfilm.

Reel Charlie’s remarks on the top 2 finales:
Breaking Bad: “The finale episode was filled with closure, redemption, full circle critical thinking, and Walt’s usual ingenuity.”
Six Feet Under: “I sobbed like a baby, wept uncontrollably during the final episode (again!)…  And yet it all just floats away during the final episode.  I started crying as soon as I realized where we were.  How close we were to the ending.  Perfect.”



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