Tig Notaro press photo for podcast

Tig Notaro (press photo for podcast)

Netflix released the documentary, Tig on stand-up comedian Tig Notaro recently. Tig gained a cult following over the years, but it was her courageous set at Largo in 2012 that went viral and made her a household name. How does one survive cancer? How does one survive losing their mother? How does one create family when options dwindle? How does one find love in unexpected places? How does one find a fresh voice after a moment of brilliance? All of these questions are explored. Some are even answered in this vibrant documentary about Tig Notaro. Cancer survivors will relate to Tig’s journey. Creative folk will connect to her struggles and success. LGBT folk might be interested in knowing this documentary has a very post-gay feel to it. Tig is obviously an out lesbian. But she never uses the word lesbian or gay once during the 90-minute film. This had to be intentional on her part. She never shies away from talking about girlfriends and falling in love with a straight woman whom is also never identified sexually. There’s no shame in this film. At one point, one of her male cousins tells her she looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. How many lesbians have been through that in the past couple of decades? I’m a huge fan of labels, but I have to say they treated the subject matter respectfully and lovingly. The focus is on Tig’s comedy, illness, recovery, loss, and love. The fact that she is only attracted to women is simply another aspect of her life. I get it. It works for Tig. 4 out of 5 for this brave, empowering film.


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