Banksy Does New York

banksy does new yorkThe HBO documentary Banksy Does New York focuses on the 31 days in October 2013 U.K. graffiti artist Banksy invaded the U.S. for an unofficial New York City residency. Combining fan footage along with tweets, images, and professional interviews, director Chris Moukarbel creates a “user-generated chronicle of celebrated street artist Banksy’s 31-days in New York.” More than anything, this documentary inspire conversation, discussion, and argument – in a very positive way. Banksy’s images provoke as much as they assist giggles. Mourkarbel does a great job showing the insanity of the art world and the immersive effect Banksy’s often temporary work has on people from all walks of life. Definitely a must-see for lovers of art, NYC, the hypocrisy of the art world, and the authenticity and legality of street art. I am positive this captivating film will provoke a discussion of art and commerce. 4 out of 5 for Banksy Does New York.


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