The Fall: S2

I’m going to try to post a review of the Irish series The Fall, Series 2 using my phone. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are back together as the serial killer and the detective trying to catch him. The Fall takes place in Belfast which makes for a wet and green landscape. I have to confess that I watched season one and enjoyed it but by the time I watched season two I couldn’t remember much of the story. So I was sort of confused throughout wondering who were the victims. But it didn’t seem to stop me from enjoying the series. And it’s one of those police dramas you don’t think will go beyond one season and then goes into the second season, and now the second season finale makes you think it’s over but they’ve already commissioned a series three. The Fall is creepy and full of lots of scary sexual crime. So if any of that makes you squeamish you may not want to check this series out. But if you’re OK with stories like Law & Order SVU, then you’ll be on board with The Fall. There’s also a casual bisexual story line in the season which I enjoyed. There was no discussion, it just happened with no explanation. Kind of nice. I gave The Fall a 4 out of 5 for S1.  I’ll stick with that again for series two, although it may be more like a 3.75.


2 Responses to “The Fall: S2”

  1. urbanfoodguy Says:

    We are 4 episodes in and Love it! It’s very smart and we love the way Gillian Anderson’s character points our sexism. Netflix has the entire 2 seasons posted now so you can binge watch the entire thing! Which is exactly what we are doing 😉


    • reelcharlie Says:

      Some episodes are really creepy – in a very good way. I particularly liked the way the police dealt with the pederast priest in S2. Should have mentioned that in the review. Very good writing. Focused on what he did and didn’t lump him in with other groups like they may have 20 years ago. Wait until you get to the end of S2. It’s crazy.


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