Deutschland 83

deutschland 83The team who brought us the outstanding German television mini-series, Generation War invites us into the tail end of the cold war in Deutschland 83,  a new series based in East and West Germany during the early 80’s. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy Deutschland 83 as much as I did Generation War. The music was fantastic. The stories seemed contrived. The set design was over-the-top perfect. The feel was vintage soap opera. It seems I’m alone in my opinion. Reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes raved about it. In the end, I just wasn’t riveted to continue watching. 2 out of 5.

Full disclosure, I watched this a few days after moving. My viewing area isn’t particularly perfect just yet. Perhaps I will give it another chance after the sofa and carpet arrive. First I have to actually pick the sofa and carpet out.


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