The Fosters: S3 (part I)

fosters s3OMG, how much do I love The Fosters? The show helmed by Queer as Folk‘s Peter Paige and producing partner Brad Bredeweg keeps getting better and better. It’s my go-to comfort food show. And now that Netflix has added the entire Season 3, you can binge watch as well! I laugh, I cry – a lot, I cheer each character on. And I am in awe that every day America gets to see how beautiful a marriage between two women can truly be. The Fosters is like a YA version of Tales of the City for this generation. Highlights from Season 3 include a double dose of guest starring from Lorraine Toussaint (busy actor!) and Bruce Davison as Lena’s parents, AJ’s appearance, Brandon’s Idyllwild’s summer, Jude’s issue with labels, the whole Monty Kiss Don’t Tell Stef thing, Nate’s appearance and the surprise of his girlfriend, Mariana’s decision about her sexuality, Rosie O’Donnell’s Girls United reoccurring character, Mike’s attempt at fostering, Connor and Jude’s sweetness, the LGBT dance, Anna’s issues and Mariana’s wisdom, Brandon and Callie’s decision, and Callie’s final triumph. This season was full of gritty storylines. The writers aren’t afraid to go there and that’s what continues to make The Fosters fun and compelling. A very strong 4 out of 5.

I’m  still getting used to see Kerr Smith as a gray-haired Dad.


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