Check Out the Five LGBT Foreign Film Oscar Contenders for 2015 (Towleroad)

oscars foreign language film

Nathaniel Rogers (The Film Experience) shares information on the five LGBT films nominated for Best Foreign Language Oscar next year. Out of 81 country entries, thirteen are from female directors, five are LGBT. From Towleroad,

Yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences published the official list of 81 contending countries / films that will be vying for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film. The Academy created this category in 1956 and though it has had more than its share of controversies it’s also cast a major American spotlight on several foreign masterworks and helped familiarize audiences with geniuses like Federico Fellini, Pedro Almodóvar, Ingmar Bergman and more.

This annual global party always includes a few LGBT films, too. Not that that coveted gold statue tends to swings our way. We all remember “Black Sunday” when Oscar shamed itself by rejecting Brokeback Mountain (2005) as Best Picture. And Oscar has yet to crown an out gay actor even when they’ve got worthy candidates (like Sir Ian McKellen, both times he’s been up for it!) while they continue to hand trophies to straight actors who are “brave” enough to play LGBT … “ACTING!”

This year Oscar’s foreign competition list has five LGBT films:

Thailand’s “How to Win At Checkers (Every Time)”
Dominican Republic’s “Sand Dollars”
Lithuania’s “Summer of Sangaile”
Ireland’s “Viva” (promotional materials (including a trailer) are still hard to find.)
Greece’s “Xenia”

Read the full article at Towleroad.
Visit The Film Experience for more Oscar madness.



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