Montgomery Clift at 95

montgomery clift 95

Montgomery Clift would have been 95 today. I had no idea he was so close in age to my father – whose centennial is next year. Monty died in 1966 at the age of 46. According to many sources, he led a tortured life, especially after his car accident. One would hope had he been born later, he may have thrived and lived a happier life. My favorite Clift films are:

The Heiress
A Place in the Sun
I Confess 
Suddenly Last Summer

He is probably most beautiful in The Heiress and A Place in the Sun. I Confess isn’t a first-tier Hitchcock, but Montgomery in a cassock always gets me going. And Suddenly Last Summer delivers tragic camp on steroids. I just realized I haven’t posted a Reel Charlie review on any of my favorite Montgomery Clift films. I have some work ahead of me.

Which is your favorite Montgomery Clift film?


6 Responses to “Montgomery Clift at 95”

  1. urbanfoodguy Says:

    Suddenly Last Summer is my favorite I remember watching it as a child and thinking it was difficult about something that was totally fascinating and personal to yet I couldn’t quite out my finger on it:-) and of course Liz Taylor’s line: They devoured him!!!!!!! Is an al time fav

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  2. m.a. wood Says:

    Suddenly Last Summer

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  3. Uncle Barb Says:

    Suddenly Last Summer


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