Red Oaks: S1

red oaks s1The sleeper hit of the season certainly belongs to Amazon Prime’s new dramedy, Red Oaks. What started out as a silly reenactment of life in the 80’s, soon morphed into something subtle and poignant.  Newcomer Craig Roberts stars as David Myers, a 20 year-old Jewish kid from New Jersey spending his summer home from NYU working at the Red Oaks Country Club teaching tennis. The supporting cast beams as brightly including a nearly unrecognizable Jennifer Grey as his bi-curious Mom, Ennis Esmer as the delightful, scene-stealing Nash, Gage Golightly working her best Jane Fonda as Karen, Josh Meyers in the best hair and costume as creepy Barry, Oliver Cooper sporting the most authentic retro Jewfro as Wheeler, Alexandra Socha as the mysterious spoiled rich girl Skye who takes David to his first gay NYC party, Richard Kind brilliantly portraying the perfect 80’s Dad, Paul Reiser as the obnoxious Getty, and Alexandra Turshen as the compassionate beauty Misty who captures Wheeler’s heart. Red Oaks crept up and moved me in ways I wasn’t expecting. It reminded me of a place I used to inhabit, that in-between time during college before you begin to figure out who you are. You try on costumes and see what feels right. Roberts’ David walks the fine line of a young man ready to burst out of suburbia while keenly aware of how much he loves the people who nurtured him. Red Oaks made me wonder if I told my Dad how much I loved and appreciated him. When a television show makes you remember and ponder, you know it’s good. I’m hoping for a season two. 5 out of 5 for the surprise hit, Red Oaks.


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