Life with Judy Garland – Me and My Shadows

life with judy garlandTook a second look at the 2001 made-for-TV film, Life with Judy Garland, Me & My Shadows based on a book by Garland’s second daughter, Lorna Luft. When I initially watched this film, I was bowled over by Judy Davis’ performance. I still adore Davis and wish she would act more. But in the interim, I realized after examining the film again, Life with Judy Garland is ultimately a polished made-for-TV-movie. Not a HBO film, but a network film, and so it is riddled with a flatness in places and as is the issue with many biopics, bites off Judy’s entire life instead of focusing on one particular moment. Judy Davis is still great. Hugh Laurie’s solid as Vincent Minnelli. It was fun watching openly gay actor Victor Garber play one of Judy’s only straight husbands, Sid Luft. Points for that genius casting. John Benjamin Hickey (The Big C) also shines as Judy’s mentor, Roger Edens. A decent if not fantastic look at Garland’s tragic life of highs and lows. Davis really embodies Judy’s spirit. Because of the Lufts involvement in the project, they were able to use Judy’s recordings which added to the project’s charm. But in the end, this is not a perfect film. 3 out of 5 for Life with Judy: Me and My Shadows.


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