sistersSpoiler alert: Caught the 1973 Brian De Palma horror film, Sisters. If Alfred Hitchcock and John Waters had a love child, it might just be Sisters. An odd mix of camp, eerie suspense, and slasher mash-up all tied up in a Bernard Herrmann bow. De Palma sure didn’t mind exploiting the female body. Lots of clothed men, naked women scenes. Kudos for the interracial sex scene even if her sister did kill him the next morning. Margot Kidder puts on her best Québécois accent as Danielle, one half of previously conjoined twins Danielle and Dominique. A voyeuristic journalist neighbor suspects the worst of the sisters and off we go. I didn’t make it through the entire film. But I appreciated the ketchup blood and the cuts to shadows during the stabbing scene. A lot has changed in the past 40 years, but one thing’s for sure, I’m definitely not a slasher fan yesterday, today, or tomorrow. 3 out of 5 for Sisters.


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