Political Animals

political animalsSo I’m very late to this party. I heard dreadful things about Sigourney Weaver’s 2012 mini-series, Political Animals. Still in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “but it’s Sigourney!” So off I went to watch the first two episodes. Greg Berlanti (The Broken Hearts Club) created Political Animals along with executive producing too many television series to name.  Impressive for a 43 year-old. So a gay man created a show about woman who runs for President, loses the primary, ends up being Secretary of State, has a philandering husband who used to be President and two sons – one gay and a mess, one straight and her right-hand man. Oh and did I say Ellen Burstyn plays the saucy grandmother? I know! Dream cast. So why doesn’t this work? First, it’s just too close to Hillary’s story – minus the divorce and the two sons of course. Next it’s just too soapy. It unfortunately veers too far into the ridiculous mode. I can work with stereotypes to a point, but give me something meaty to hold on to. The gay son can be an addict, but why would he steal an unsigned blank check from his grandmother’s purse? Because he’s an addict? Because he can? That’s just too easy. That’s the problem with Political Animals. The writing’s too predictable and over-the-top. Give me the soap, give me the camp, but give it to me with some heart and mind. Especially some mind. These actors deserved better. 2 out of 5. Next.


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