Do I Sound Gay?

do i sound gayThat’s the title to a documentary, Do I Sound Gay? by director David Thorpe who explores for the very first time on film that age-old question many gay men have asked ourselves: do I sound gay? I already know the answer to that question – I was told about 30 years ago that my laugh “gave me away.” Today I embrace my voice and my laugh which give me both pleasure and help put food on the table – I do a lot of public speaking at work. But I digress. Thorpe’s documentary weaves a personal exploration of one man’s concern that his voice is too “gay sounding.” We hear definitions of what that means from his friends, his family, speech specialists, and vocal coaches. A lot can be said about this subject certainly and bravo to Thorpe for being brave enough to personalize the topic. It makes for a much more interesting documentary. Bottom line from my perspective – I don’t think most gay men want to sound or act less gay, they want to act more butch. In other words, they want to be perceived as a masculine gay man. That’s the tightrope many of us walk in our gender-obsessed culture. In the end, I do believe the older you get, the more you (hopefully) relax and simply enjoy wherever you may fall on the vocal gender spectrum. The film itself could have used a tighter edit. There are times where Thorpe could have been more focused. However, the bottom line to this film is that it made me think more about my own life and journey than most films in recent history. So relatable? You bet. 3.5 out of 5 for Do I Sound Gay?

Check out Do I Sound Gay? online.


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