Kylie Minogue – 100 Degrees

I was going to post-date this for after Thanksgiving next week because people at work have already been giving me grief for starting Christmas too early, but this news simply cannot wait. If you’re a fan of international pop music, you know Kylie Minogue released her Christmas cd, Kylie Christmas on November 13, 2015. It’s received mixed reviews because as we’ve come to know in the age of the Internet, haters got to hate. I’ve had the cd in my car (old school) all week listening to half of a track here and there (I have no long commutes). So today I finally got a chance to get to the song I’ve been waiting for – 100 Degrees, Kylie’s collaboration with her sister Dannii on what can only be described as the best Christmas Disco song released since Salsoul Orchestra produced their Christmas Jollies album back in 1976. 100 Degrees conjures up images of me swirling and twirling around the dance floor blissfully happy and hopeful for a more perfect world. At any time of the year, but especially in light of the tragedies recently in Paris and Mali, don’t we deserve some unbridled hope and joy?

Watch the studio version of Kylie’s 100 Degrees featuring sister Dannii Minogue.


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