riverWatched one episode of the BBC Netflix import River starring Stellan Skarsgård and Nicola Walker (MI-5). Both do a decent job acting as detective partners. However the premise of ghosts didn’t capture me enough to continue watching the series. Fine Brit actors Lesley Manville and Eddie Marsan complete this stellar cast. But in the end, I wasn’t in the mood for Prime Suspect: The Ghost Edition. My dear friend Julia disagrees, so I await her remarks. Meanwhile I’m giving River a 3 out of 5.


2 Responses to “River”

  1. Julia Russell Says:

    OK! Actually, it’s not a ghost story.
    River has been living with schizophrenia since childhood, he speaks with his hallucinations who spring from traumatic loneliness and social disconnect.
    The people closest to him, though perplexed, support him and accept him as best they can.
    Was impressed that the show tackled mental illness as well as the almost insurmountable obstacles faced by immigrants to the West.
    These issues unfold with each episode. I was impressed by the depth of the personal struggles that Rivers faces. It tortures him with an unbearable sensitivity to the struggles of others and makes him an quite an effective detective.
    Perfect casting. Skarsgard nails it. Add Nicola Walker revealing layer upon layer of Stevie, Leslie Manville as Chief Detective trying to balance her professional and family life, and whoa, Eddie Marsan as a Victorian serial killer conjured from the book Rivers is reading and representing the dark side of schizophrenia. Plus loved the character of Ira as a comic foil. And oh, Stevie’s somewhat estranged deeply disturbed and disfunctional criminal Irish thug family.
    As always, great BBC production values. Hope there’s a season 2.


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