Happy Thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving tvA late holiday greeting today to my fellow Americans. Wonderful list of Thanksgiving themed films to end your perfect day or ignore the disaster of your biological family. Or perhaps you’re not even from the United States and get to laugh along without any of the angst. Meanwhile Addams Family Values gets my vote for best Thanksgiving movie. From ibtimes,

Thanksgiving is a time for family, togetherness and food — but that doesn’t mean you want to talk with your weird relatives for hours on end while trying to digest your lavish feast. Fortunately, we live in the modern age of Netflix, meaning occupying your post-dinner relatives and guests has never been easier and more relaxing.

After cooking a giant meal, arrange seating to minimize the number of family feuds, making sure there’s just enough (but not too much) wine to go around. You deserve a break! This year, after the table is cleared and the family is still lingering, quiet the crowd and slip into a tryptophan coma while satiating your guest’s holiday needs with one of these Turkey Day-themed movies that are currently available to stream in their entirety on Netflix.

See all the films at ibtimes.
Read Reel Charlie’s review of Addams Family Values.


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