HBO’s Countdown to Zero on YouTube

As a follow-up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, HBO has posted their Vice special on AIDS in its entirety on YouTube,

Humanity may be on the cusp of the first AIDS-free generation in decades. Research into a cure is progressing at a remarkable pace, and this treatable disease is now being beaten in global hot spots by access to health care and prevention methods.

Ranging from high-tech American labs, where the DNA of HIV-positive patients is being edited to resist the virus, to South African clinics that are participating in the largest vaccine trial in history, VICE SPECIAL REPORT: COUNTDOWN TO ZERO goes inside the search for the cure and a preventative vaccine that could eliminate AIDS.

I was able to watch the special today thanks to the YouTube app on my Roku player. Vice does an outstanding job of covering a lot of material in under an hour. Tremendous hope fills the documentary. 4 out of 5 for Countdown to Zero.

Watch Countdown to Zero on YouTube.

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