Transparent: S2

Season 2 of Amazon’s spectacular series, Transparent moves from the personal, from the intimate, from the familial into the community. It explores gender from the perspective of women in our culture. What is it that makes women female? Is it two X chromosomes? Is it the amount of estrogen in your body? Is it a vagina? Is it breasts? Is it ovaries? What gives women pleasure sexually? And how do women continue to express themselves in the culture of the patriarchy? And do all women really care? And after all that, what is transgendered women’s role and place in female culture? Transparent bit off a lot and wasn’t afraid to go there.  They explore fluid sexuality. They explore white male privilege and what that means to someone who transitions from white male to white female. They explore class. They continue to explore family. They explore family in the past, family in the present, family previously unknown and family in the future. The writers tackle all of this gracefully and succinctly. They even explore the controversy over cisgender women only space and the trans community. And they went meta – having Cherry Jones play an Eileen Myles character. Then having Eileen herself show up in a cameo. And for a moment, a son grieves the loss of his father with an unlikely ally. Transparent makes me think. It reminds me of important issues I have been discussing with friends recently. Transparent continues to be the kind of show I love – awkward, intelligent, raw, messy and full of love and longing. 5 out of 5 for the sophomore season of Transparent.

Best line of S2: Divina to Maura,

My god, who do you think you’re talking to? I’m going to tell you one thing. Mind your own goddamn business. You have no right. We don’t all have your family. We don’t all have your money. I’m a 53 year-old ex-prostitute, HIV positive woman with a dick. And I know what I want and I know what I need. And if Sal is bothering you this much, you should probably sleep somewhere else.

transparent s2

August 2017: Revisited season 2 of Transparent and loved it just as much. Characters become clearer the second time around. The Pfeffermans begin to exhibit aspects of dysfunction as a unit. Carrying them through life together – sloppy, messy, self-absorbed, and beautifully human. Outstanding guest star turns from Cherry Jones and Angelica Houston. What a treat witnessing such great writing and experiencing such inspiring performance. Bravo to Jill Soloway and company.


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