Ali’s emotional state in ‘Transparent,’ as told by her eye makeup (Mashable)

What a fabulous way to start any day. Tricia Gilbride at Mashable wrote an entire article on Ali Pfefferman’s evolving eye make-up on Season 2 of Transparent. Genius. From Mashable,

For Sarah’s sister Ali, though, makeup is all show and no tell. She experiments with bold looks throughout the season — but it’s not a topic of discussion in the same way that her predilection for weird braids is. Here’s a closer look at Ali’s many shades of emotional instability, and the ways she paints them on her face.

Read the full article on Mashable – an episode by episode breakdown of the various states of Ali’s eye paint.
Check out Reel Charlie’s review of Transparent Season 2. 

transparent s2 ali episode 9




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