Transparent Contempt for Dyke Culture (Liberation Collective)

transparent s3 man on the land

Great commentary from Karen Thompson – a real eye-opener on the flaws of the Transparent episode, Man on the Land where Maura and her daughters attend the women’s music festival. From my vantage point, I focused on the positive aspects mentioned at the end of the article as well as the fact I felt the writers were placing an important iconic lesbian event in fictional television history. I also thought this episode managed to prove no matter where she falls on the gender spectrum, Maura continues to be self-absorbed and never let’s go of her white male privilege. I pride myself on feeling like I am sensitive to dyke culture and to the double invisibility factor that often comes with being female and queer. The article reminded me I always have more to learn. So read on Reel Charlie followers. From Liberation Collective,

Which was one of central liberatory aspects of Festival for me.

(2) The sheer scale of the place. We were thousands. We were legion. This wasn’t a handful of whatevs. We are a city. We are a people. We are a culture.

And yes, I get it. TV. Budgets. There is only so much. But DAMN. Undermining our decades.

(3) The yelling “MAN ON THE LAND” which, as we all know, no one fucking does like a chain but as a beep beep of vehicles.

So once again, no one is fucking seeing the WHERE and WHY and HISTORY of why that had to be done. And no one is talking about the threat of men coming on the land with guns, or hanging barbie dolls in trees in Gaia, or any of the spray painting of dyke that we had to cover up. The leering at naked bodies. The reality of male violence that made that rapid alert system necessary.

Read the entire piece from Karen Thompson.
Hat tip to Uncle Barb for always pointing me to more knowledge and a better understanding of the world.



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