‘Carol’ Scribe Phyllis Nagy On The Movie’s Long Journey, LGBT “Trends” & ‘The Trap’ (Deadline)

phyllis nagyInterview on Deadline with Carol screenwriter Phyllis Nagy. From Deadline,

Screenwriter and playwright Phyllis Nagy wrote the original screenplay for Carol back in 1997, adapting her friend Patricia Highsmith’s novel, The Price Of Salt at the prolific author’s encouragement. Nagy then ran into anyone’s idea of “development hell,” waiting almost 20 years for the film to get made. And now Carol has become one of the most talked about awards contenders of the year across a range of categories.To see an exclusive featurette about Nagy , who recently won the New York Film Critics award for Best Screenplay , just click on the video link above. And here, Nagy discusses her decades-long journey with Carol, her early conversations with director Todd Haynes, her skepticism of LGBT trends and her upcoming work on Tristar’s The Trap.

Read the entire interview.
Check out Reel Charlie’s review of Carol.


2 Responses to “‘Carol’ Scribe Phyllis Nagy On The Movie’s Long Journey, LGBT “Trends” & ‘The Trap’ (Deadline)”

  1. Uncle Barb Says:

    I am so excited about this! And also unaware of Nagy’s role. Thank you for adding another layer of delicious anticipation. As if Todd Haynes, Christine Vachon, CATE BLANCHETT and, the new to me, lovely Rooney Mara aren’t enough? I’m in heaven.


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