En la gama de los grises (In the Grayscale)

in the grayscaleSpoiler alert: Watched the Chilean import, En la gama de los grises (In the Grayscale) tonight on DVD from Netflix. The story is simple. A man Bruno married to a woman Soledad with a young son Dani decides to go live for a while on his grandfather’s property. He’s working on a big architectural commission and needs the space to think. He’s also not sure he wants to stay married to his wife of eleven years. During the course of his investigation, Bruno meets Fer a history teacher who acts as his tour guide through Santiago. Soon Bruno and Fer begin an affair. Eventually Soledad and their son find out. The interesting point about Bruno’s fluid or bisexuality is the realization that it isn’t the problem. He’s certainly not comfortable with his emerging sexuality. But no one else seems to care. The real problem becomes Bruno’s inability to commit to anyone. He wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too, which isn’t a problem if everyone’s in agreement, but Fer wanted more and Soledad wanted more and Dani wanted his parents back and Bruno just didn’t know. There’s been talk that In the Grayscale stole too many moments from Andrew Haigh’s Weekend. I didn’t notice that. Perhaps they did. What struck me was the indecision of the Bruno character wrapped in sexual confusion, career indecision and ultimately relationship aversion. In the end, In the Grayscale is a decent if not great film. 3 out of 5.


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