Downton Abbey: S6

downton abbey s6 blu-rayVague Spoiler Alerts: The final season – our bon voyage for the Crawleys and our beloved Downton Abbey. Slowly the season began. The first 5 episodes or so nothing really happens. I detected a stronger tone between the family and the staff – a bit of realism. The final episodes of the series bring a few scares and many happy endings. That’s the bulk of my spoiler alerts. I won’t say this was my favorite season. But it certainly held high and brought the beloved series to an end. One more year and we’d all probably be ringing Carson’s neck and marrying Edith ourselves. However even with the lulls, who can balk at a show with Matthew Goode in it? He is the perfect combination of dreamy boy next door all grown up. In the end, my favorite costume drama television series has come to a close. Six years of glorious fun. I will miss the show but thrilled it ended on a positive note. Happy for most. But poor Thomas. Wouldn’t have wanted to be a poof in service during that time period. Not many options for love. Still, Violet survived and saved more than the day. And Robert got a new dog – the highlight of the season for me! My only regret that is that they didn’t turn the final season into a ghost story and bring back Mr. Pamuk. Enough spoilers. 4 out of 5 for this perennial classic. Love you Julian Fellowes, cast, and crew!

6/10/2017: I must have been stronger in my critique watching Downton Abbey: Season 6 for the first time. This second viewing made me fall in love all over again. It’s perfect comfort food with gloriously high production values, fun scenes and full of romance as we creep towards the finale. Still poor Thomas, but realistic for the time period. He could have run off looking for Edward Carpenter and friends, but he didn’t. XO to the cast and crew of the glorious Downton Abbey. 5 out of 5.


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