roomWatching Emma Donoghue’s adaptation of her novel Room brings me closer to being better prepared for our Oscar prediction program at the library this year. I refuse to see The Revenant – too violent/not a DiCaprio fan. Brooklyn doesn’t get released on DVD until March, so I’ll have to cast my vote having seen only 6 of the 8 nominated films. That’s absolutely a record for me, so I will now rest. I didn’t think I would see Room after reading the book. Emma Donoghue’s novel clearly so well crafted, I hesitated tarnishing that memory. But Donoghue wrote the script for the adaptation and after hearing from several work friends how brilliant Brie Larson is, I decided to take a dive. Room manages in two hours to balance the trauma of a young mother and son spending seven years locked in a shed as prisoners with life after their escape in the beautiful, overwhelming outside world. Along with Larson who remains unrecognizable as Joy in the first part of the film, Room stars Jabob Tremblay as her son Jack and Joan Allen as Joy’s mother.  If Brie gets the Oscar for Best Actress, she will inevitably need to thank Jacob for playing off her nuanced performance so seamlessly. I’ve rarely seen a child actor so natural. The ease with which he inhabits Jack allows Brie to soar as Joy. I’ll list my predictions for the Oscars the week before the awards. Meanwhile 4 out of 5 for Donoghue’s Room.


4 Responses to “Room”

  1. urbanfoodguy Says:

    Actually you are wrong about The Revenant — I had not desire to see it and Jane had a viewing copy from a friend and she was determined to show it — we figures OK well we can sleep or over drink or leave (well Neil could leave) anyway it’s really beautiful!!!!! yes Beautiful and still and black and white ish and just amazing – the trailer is totally about sensationalizing what is ostensibly an art film and very still and gorgeous movie about a journey. You will be just as surprised as we were – we loved it! And Brooklyn OMG OMG OMG we cried and cried and cried — I’m a huge fan the book and was surprised how the movie captured it.


  2. Uncle Barb Says:

    ReelCharlie, your review of ROOM is excellent.
    And I see that UrbanFoodGuy is not the jaded viewer that I seem to be. I saw both Revenant and Brooklyn and found both lacking. Maybe I am just too harsh of a critic.


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