truthWhat a surprise Truth turned out to be. Who knew a film starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford could be the sleeper hit of the year? I’ve heard very little of Truth except that Blanchett’s performance was not to be missed. Yes, the film centers on the disgrace and dismissal of Dan Rather after his 60 Minutes story on former President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard acceptance and duty became exposed for questionable accuracy. The real surprise of Truth lies in the story which is 100% focused on Cate Blanchett’s character, Mary Mapes – Rather’s producer at CBS and based on her book, Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power. Truth is another film where a female character surrounds herself with men. The only other woman in the film, Elizabeth Moss has an extremely minor role. So even though Truth doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors, it does prove that a historical story can be effectively told from a female character’s perspective. How ordinary it would have been for Truth to be written from Rather’s viewpoint. Instead Redford’s Rather takes a back seat to Blanchett’s Mapes who offers us another seamless performance. While Truth definitely has a liberal bent to it, informed viewers from all political persuasions can watch in collective horror as the last of the great unbiased network news anchors falls. Today we only have our choice of a few corporations feeding us infotainment. 4 out of 5 for Truth.


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