Telstar: The Joe Meek Story

telstarAnother biopic added to the pile. Not really sure why I seek so many of these out. Or do they seek me out? The premise of Telstar sounded interesting. Joe Meek a songwriter record producer in London during the 60’s navigates a hostile world of secret gay trysts and an addiction to amphetamines. Telstar named after the space-age hit which was named after the satellite reveals itself as a chaotic mess, not unlike the life of Joe Meek. Hard to follow and grating, I found Telstar contained too much punch and not enough substance. I made it halfway through before turning Telstar off. Above all, I find it increasingly difficult watching these historical gay films where the lead character self destructs. I get that happened, but I’m not always emotionally strong enough to absorb another sad story. Telstar certainly affected me in that way but was also a mediocre film. 2 out of 5.


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