China Bans Gay People From Television (Towleroad)


Still from Addicted, the Chinese television show which has caused the government to ban LGBT images and characters from television.

I just lectured on LGBT Film and Television History last week to my friend Sally’s Gender and Sexuality in Film and Literature class at Fairfield University. I spoke about the Hays Code which censored all gay content from film – sexual perversion is what they called it back then – in addition to many other topics during the mid 20th Century. Today in 2016 we have the exact censorship happening in China. From Towleroad,

China has banned all programming depicting gay couples after the removal of gay high school drama Addicted from streaming services. It is believed that censors took issue with “abnormal sexual behavior” and “romance between minors” on the show.

The China Television Drama Production Industry Association and the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television has introduced guidelines banning “abnormal sexual relationships and sexual behavior”.

Also prohibited are incest, sexual assault, extramarital affairs, “witchcraft practices and feudal superstition”, “grotesque criminal cases” and any programming having “adverse effects on minors” including smoking, drinking and fighting.

Read the full article on Towleroad.
Watch the show Addicted via the Advocate which caused the ban.



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