Gay Web Series ‘The Outs’ Is Back for Season 2 (Towleroad)

outs s2 trailer

Yippee ay aa (or however you spell it), our favorite angsty Brooklyn gay boys and their friends are back for a new season of The Outs. From Towleroad,

Fans of popular gay web series The Outs will be happy to know that the series will be returning to the Internets for your binge-watching pleasure on March 30.

Back in October, we reported that the show had been picked up by Vimeo, and we even got a sneak peek in December of what was in store for the show’s characters.

Now, a new trailer for the second season has just been released revealing even more details of what we can expect in the series’ new episodes.

I laughed really hard twice during the trailer, so I’m super excited for the new season.
Read the full article on Towleroad.


4 Responses to “Gay Web Series ‘The Outs’ Is Back for Season 2 (Towleroad)”

  1. urbanfoodguy Says:

    Love this show can’t wait !


  2. Uncle Barb Says:

    Thank You Reel Charlie! We finally watched the first 5 episodes and are hooked. Really wonderful story telling and acting, innovative and smart, something completely new and different, yet like old friends. We are loving The Outs.


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