The Matrix (Blu-ray)

matrixDecided to watch The Matrix again after all these years to see if I could detect any subtle gender questions since now both of the Wachowskis have transitioned from male to female. First I have to say I forgot how violent it was. Silly me. Oh right, that’s why it made so much money. The kids were swallowing the intellect geek chic in order to see the aerial combat. Definitely strong female characters and good mix of people of color. But the savior of course appeared in the form of Neo – Keanu Reeves’ heterosexual white male bro-geek character. So no earth-shattering hidden gems to be found. The Matrix holds up and certainly foresees a near-future where everyone is plugged in – not that far from our current reality. 4 out of 5 for pushing the envelope all those years ago.

And damnit, I’ve been thinking so much about Sense8 I want to watch it again – that glorious barrier-shattering mess of a series.


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