The 30 Best LGBT Films of All Time (BFI)

From the British Film Institute,

BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival is 30. To celebrate, here are the 30 greatest LGBT films of all time, as voted by over 100 programmers, critics and filmmakers.

To mark the 30th anniversary of BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, we are delighted to announce the Top 30 LGBT Films of All Time in the first major critical survey of LGBT films.

Over 100 film experts including critics, writers and programmers such as Joanna Hogg, Mark Cousins, Peter Strickland, Richard Dyer, Nick James and Laura Mulvey, as well as past and present BFI Flare programmers, have voted the Top 30 LGBT Films of All Time. The poll’s results represent 84 years of cinema and 12 countries, from countries including Thailand, Japan, Sweden and Spain, as well as films that showed at BFI Flare such as Orlando (1992), Beautiful Thing (1996), Weekend (2011) and Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013).

The winner is Todd Haynes’ award-winning Carol, closely followed by Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, and Hong Kong romantic drama Happy Together, directed by Wong Kar-wai, in third place. While Carol is a surprisingly recent film to top the poll, it’s a feature that has moved, delighted and enthralled audiences, and looks set to be a modern classic.

Todd Haynes said:

“The Festival has long supported my work, from Poison and Dottie Gets Spanked in the early 1990s through to Carol which is screening on 35mm later this week in BFI Flare’s Best of Year programme. I’m so proud to have Carol voted as the top LGBT film of all time in this poll launched for the Fest’s 30th edition. Carol is in illustrious company with so many films I love, from Brokeback Mountain and Un Chant d’ Amour to Happy Together and My Own Private Idaho.”

I’m thrilled with the following choices (click on the film titles for Reel Charlie’s review):
1) Carol (a modern-day classic)
2) Weekend
7) My Beautiful Laundrette
8) All about my Mother
9) Un chant d’amour
11) Tangerine (nice addition)
17) Victim
20) Beautiful Thing
22) Stranger by the Lake
22) The Watermelon Woman (should have been higher)
22) Pariah (should have been higher)

Read the entire article to see what BFI selected as their Top 30 LGBT films.

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