First Love at the Movies (Marquee Photo)

Proof I’ve been obsessed with film since high school. Nearly 40 years ago I was so excited about Susan Dey’s first starring movie role, I took pictures of the marquee at the local mall – Trexler Mall in Trexlertown, PA. Susan hasn’t acted in twelve years, but you can see First Love free with your Amazon Prime subscription – Joan Darling’s daring film of unrequited love in the late 70’s. I can still hear the Cat Stevens’ theme, Child for a Day every time I think of the film. And seeing William Katt in his soccer shorts kicking a ball around didn’t hurt the opening credits of what was to be one of my first very adult films. I’ll watch First Love soon and review it, perhaps next year for the 40th anniversary. Meanwhile, check out a bit of my film dork past.

susan dey first love

Watch the opening credits for First Love on YouTube.


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