Sex and the City: S3

sex and the city s3Spoiler alert: I continue to work my way through the Sex and the City canon. Season 3 gets about as real as a comedy can get. Carrie cheats on Aiden with Big. Chaos ensues. Charlotte gets married for the first time to Trey who looks great, but can’t get it up. Samantha moves into the Meat Packing District a decade before the tiny neighborhood spins out of control financially – something I predicted 25 years ago, albeit in a more suburban way: “I think the Meat Packing District has the potential to become a Peddler’s Village-type shopping district.” The girls face political incorrectness with interracial dating, bisexuality, a trip to vapid but gorgeous L.A., a visit to the Playboy Mansion, and transgender hookers in Manhattan. I guess the big disclaimer for this show as it ages is it’s about a group of upper middle-class white women living in New York City around the time of 9/11. I also think it’s important to look at this era of entertainment as a time when writers could more easily laugh with us than worry about instantly offending us. I continue to love this show. 4 out of 5.


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