Mr. Robot

mr robotI get the appeal of Mr. Robot. I watched the first episode last evening on DVD from the library. It’s got that whole I’m a sexy young tech anti-hero vibe going on. It tries to not so subtly teach the clueless consumers out there that we are becoming slaves to our products, slaves to shopping, slaves to the distraction. It’s cool. It’s Millennial hip. It’s a Bernie Sanders rave. It’s the love child of 12 Monkeys and The Matrix. It’s a black hoodie event.  Our young anti-hero is going to save the world. And after reading the dismal reviews of the new Batman-Superman film, someone’s got to step up to the plate. While I left the premiere episode feeling no need to personally continue traveling down this road, I totally understand why this series is getting buzz. 3 out of 5 for Mr. Robot.


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