Sex and the City: S4

sex and the city s4Perhaps one of my favorite seasons of the beloved Sex and the City. Season 4 finds our four favorite NYC women thrust into the Millennium. Carrie turns 35, Charlotte separates from Trey, Samantha meets her match in Richard Wright, Carrie starts dating Aiden again, Carrie’s laptop crashes – retro zip drive chastising ensues, Steve gets testicular cancer, Carrie spends time in the country with Aiden and Pete, Carrie finds a new gay best friend in guest star Murray Bartlett (Looking),  Miranda gets pregnant, Aiden moves in, Charlotte reconciles with Trey, Carrie breaks up with Aiden, Charlotte separates for good from Trey, Carrie has to buy her apartment or move, Carrie starts working part-time at Vogue for $4.50/word, Carrie finds out Big is moving to Napa, Samantha breaks up with Richard, and Miranda gives birth to Brady Hobbs. The final glimpse of season 4 toasts post-9/11 – “then, now, forever.” Subtle and beautiful. 5 out of 5 for a perfect season.


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