The Great British Baking Show: Season 1 (U.K. Series 5)

great british bake offThanks to PBS and Netflix, Americans have finally been granted access to one of the most joyful competition shows ever created! The Great British Bake Off (U.S. title change: The Great British Baking Show) combines the best of food competition with the grace and politeness of the British people. Instead of skewering each other, these contestants actually help one another. What a novel concept living in our Mad Max winner-bludgeon-all world. Hosted by comedic partners Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins with judging provided by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, The Great British Bake Off turns out to be an absolute joy to watch and cheer. Twelve amateur bakers assemble each week to mix their masterpieces in three unique categories. One baker leaves each week so by week ten it’s time for the final three to face off for the win. So much fun, incredible delicious desserts, and a room full of caring people. The Great British Bake Off (The Great British Baking Show) is the ultimate in comfort food television. 5 out 5.


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