Hulu’s movies are exploding as the Netflix film library shrinks (Mashable)

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Wait, just when you thought you weren’t so confused any longer with streaming services – Netflix good all-around for movies and television, Hulu all about television, Amazon Prime subscription choices plus pay-per-view and digital own, here we go again. From Mashable,

Remember when Netflix was for movies and Hulu was for TV shows?

If you blinked sometime in the past year or so, you might have missed a significant shift in the streaming wars strategy: Hulu has been deepening its movies catalog while Netflix’s overall film library continues to shrink.

As of late March, Hulu has 3,800 films ready for streaming, following year-over-year growth of about three to four times in terms of hours of films streamed, Mashable has learned — much of that from a deal with Epix that Netflix let expire last year.

Meanwhile, a recent report from found Netflix’s U.S. catalog of movies has dropped by about a third in just over two years, to something like 4,300 movies.

Though Netflix still has more films overall, at this rate that won’t last: Netflix is only adding roughly 10 new films per month of late. It brought on nine titles in April, a month in which it was expected to lose nearly 100.

In recent months, Hulu has recently been cycling on between 50 to 100 movies monthly, while Amazon has also been aggressively adding titles, at roughly half that rate.

Read the entire article. 
Another change to my Cut the Cord PowerPoint for Monday’s presentation.


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